Technology Visionary

Many of our competitors try to solve issues and problems at customers with a commodity mentality. Solutions require a keen sense of listening and understanding upon which customized solutions can be applied to solve the business pain at hand.


Need to start an initiative? Have too many projects? Important questions will arise such as - What to focus on? Defining the boundaries. Who should be involved? What are the benefits? ......

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For technology and business projects strategy is a vital part of the process. Questions such as - What phases are required? What has a higher priority? In-house or to outsource work effort?  ......

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PlanningNeed Help?

Moving from strategy to tactical requires a smooth transition with focus on areas such as -  What resources are available? Phase sequencing. Integration with operations and so forth ......

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IT Strategy& Roadmaps

Does you organization know the true value of technology? Are you technology investments providing the right level of support. Waht are your next steps with technology? ........

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Video presentations of selected offering, showing process methods and examples ......



Examples of our work where problems were solved using our methodologies and process ........

Case Studies


Maturity and Business


Alignment of technology and business goals is vital for effective and sustained market competiveness. This is no more a nice to have but a requirement ...

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CIO Advisory


CIO's are faced daily with numerous challenges. Having defined information, process and best practices will allow for more effective time utilization...

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Training and


With complex solutions, new technologies, pressure from business leaders, knowledge is power and training is core requirement for all...

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Program and Project


All initiatives needs one form of project management. Effective project management will save time, money and allow for a smooth transition to the new state...

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